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Free Mila Azul Striptease Show
Candy List has teamed up with iStripper to give away a free stripshow featuring the amazing Mila Azul. All you have to do is install iStripper for free using the link below and within minutes you'll get to watch Mila Azul strip on your desktop. This is a no-strings-attached promo that will give you a taste of what iStripper offers.
Step by step instructions to get your free show:

1. Click the graphic above or this link to access iStripper.

2. Scroll down Mila Azul's page and under "Mila Azul's Other Shows" check to see if there's a "FREE" graphic under the Dark Secrets show (if it is then you're good to go). It should look like this:

3. Then scroll back up the page and click on the "Download Now - it's free! button to download the iStripper software:

4. Follow the instructions and enjoy the show!
Enjoy your free Mila Azul stripshow!
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